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Over wine and nibbles with neighbors and experts, talk about the best and worst of parenting. Bar Louie in West Hartford, CT's Blue Back Square has been kind enough to host our first events. Come for Happy Hour, stay for the wining.

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Finishing the last glass of wine doesn't mean the conversation comes to an end. From the blog on this site you'll be able to find posts from Wining Parents, from presenters, comments from attendants and readers, and links to our Facebook page, video on Facebook and YouTube, and even Podcasts. No one should whine alone.

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Events are scheduled for May 18, 2017, June 1, 2017, and June 15, 2017. Click Learn More for more details.

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What's This All About?

Mommy bloggers. Daddy bloggers. Self-help books. There are many resources out there to which parents can turn when there are the inevitable struggles with different phases of child development. But what about us?! What about parents' development? After all, we all quickly learn that parenting is not for the weak, and there are few parents I've ever met who haven't had at least a few days when they don't feel strong enough for the task.

Yes, there is a growing cadre of people reminding parents to be mindful, and to take time out for themselves, but more often than not our needs are reflected in Internet memes similar to Mommy Needs a Glass of Wine.

Well, here we are, offering you to come pick up a glass of wine, sit down, and relax. We want you to see you are not alone. Parenting is AWESOME! And in the same breath many of us can wheel around and exclaim how terribly parenting sucks.

Wining Parents events will be safe spaces to whine with wine, to ask questions of highly qualified experts who recognize how deeply focused you are on the welfare of your child, while also recognizing how important YOUR well-being is.

Come join your fellow parents in wining about parenting.

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In-person, or on-line, you're not alone in this hilarious and infuriating journey we call parenthood.