Wait a second. You're doing what?!

So WHAT are you doing?

The initial concept for this was Bravo's Inside the Actor's Studio meets Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me, well, without the game show elements to it...and possibly without the professional comics, though don't count that out.

When you come to a live event, the first (unrecorded) hour will be a meet-and-greet with the featured guest. While this time allows attendees to ask questions of the guest that may be too embarrassing for larger public consumption, it is really designed for the attendees and featured guest to get a feel for what they're getting into.  A couple of glasses of wine will also help grease the skids.

Either when we get to 7 PM, or if the tone of the meet-and-greet indicates it's time to start a broader conversation earlier, RJ Lavallee and the featured guest will sit on a couple of bar stools within reach of the attendees. RJ and the guest will have microphones, and there will be a handful of production assistants walking through the crowd with microphones. Cameras will roll, RJ will formally introduce the guest, ask a handful of leading questions, then, ideally, the rest of the hour will be driven by questions from and conversations with the attendees.

We'll have a hard-stop at 8 PM, though that doesn't mean the informal conversations will stop there.

On the Facebook Page this is listed as a TV Show?

We will record the interview portions of the events, then release video segments on YouTube, full shows through this website, and the audio through podcasts. There was really no classification for that on Facebook. TV Show seemed to be the closest to what we are trying to do, and event planning seemed too broad reaching.

Why just three events?

We suspect adhering to more of a typical school calendar will allow us to have more parents actually attend the live events. We expect to begin new events at the beginning of September 2017. Look for an announcements on the new schedule around June or July.