Susan West

Sue West graduated Magna Cum Laude with a BA in Psychology from Quinnipiac University in 1991. During her time at Quinnipiac she did research at West Haven Veteran’s Hospital with a Yale cardiologist linking personality type with cardiac disease.   After college she worked in a psychiatric hospital,  and a supported employment program through the Department of Mental Health.  She obtained a Master’s degree in Counseling from The University of Saint Joseph in 1998. During her graduate education she focused on adolescent development, systems theory,  social emotional learning, and school counseling.  This led her to a position in the Guidance Department at Suffield High School for one year, culminating in a collaborative project with the Director at Suffield Youth Service Bureau, and finally landing a position as School Counselor at Kingswood-Oxford School in West Hartford for six years.  Here she expanded the School Counseling Program, taught life skills for middle schoolers and wrote a health curriculum for the Upper School.

Currently, she works as the School Counselor at Watkinson School in Hartford, where she is finishing her eighth year. At Watkinson she works with students, grades 6-12, to address issues of social emotional wellness. She serves on the Student Support Team and the Crisis Committee.  Her work centers on communicating with the systems her students operate in. These most often include parents, faculty/school,  tutors, and outside mental health resources.  As an agent of the school,  she must assess student risk, follow procedures of the school designed to ensure student health, handle crises that affect entire school community,  refer families to outside services as needed and serve as on campus counseling support for students. Her best part of the day happens when she employs all her skills as a counselor, actively listening and problem solving with the students who come to her office!

The most important education has been a 30 year relationship with her college sweetheart, 21 years of which they have been married,  and their two teenage sons ( the other best part of her day!)

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